Ultimate Experience For Out Of Home Advertising
To deliver the most visible taxi Rooftop Ad Display in the US, with exceptional service and to generate the most comprehensive campaigns’ reports for our clients, taking into account the privacy of the operators.

To provide a modern and effective outdoor advertising media channel, to our valued clients and agency partners, reflecting a traditional in-motion Out of Home advertising.

How It Works
USA Cab Ads provides a user-friendly, online self-service platform for static taxi rooftop advertising in NYC.

USA Cab Ads, empowers businesses to launch specific advertising campaigns across NYC.

Clients have the capability to book and monitor their campaigns in real-time, in NYC, from their office, no matter where they are in the world.

As an agency or broker, you can set up and manage clients' accounts and share campaign tracking maps directly from your dedicated dashboard. Additionally, you can download your campaign’s data—all from the comfort of your office.

Our platform enables extensive outreach, strategic marketing execution, and delivers excellent ROI.

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Why Choose Us
Track your Ad
With USA Cab Ads you can visually track your campaign in real time, watching the dotes (cars) hovering all over your booked city with a daily generated data report you can analyze the success of your brand's market saturation and penetration.
Reach your target
Take your brand for a ride, get down to where your target clientele is and reach them on street level. In-Motion Out of home advertising can increase consumers' reach by over 300% by making it a must for all brands.
Cost effective
In-motion Out of Home advertising offers one of the lowest VPM/PI of all advertising formats. USA Cab Ads is an effective price driven Out of Home mass communication medium with great returns on investment.
Maximize your brand exposure
Based on "one car/one ad" concept, in motion or parked, the commercial is visible from either side of the vehicle 24/7.
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